The South Florida Private Investigator Underworld

The South Florida Private Investigator Underworld

The simple fact is that it is a good bet that a south Florida private investigator will need to familiarize themselves with some of the shadier parts of town at some point in their career….especially on infidelity investigations. When a spouse makes the decision to have an affair, they have entered into a different state of mind. Suddenly, they are always on the defensive and have to use lie after lie to cover up their new secret world. This new world must be kept completely separate from their other world. A south Florida private investigator has a difficult job obtaining evidence of an affair because they must infiltrate this seedy underworld covertly track and monitor all activities of the suspected cheater. A number of tactics and high-tech devices are used to obtain the information needed by a client, including:

Wireless hidden cameras for video surveillance
Cameras with telephoto capability
Rural Covert Video Surveillance/Tracking
Suspect Tracking Using Mobile Surveillance Techniques
E-mail Tracing/Internet Activity Monitoring
Asset Search to see if funds are being diverted
 Identifying the other cheater
 Audio Surveillance where permissible
 Urban/Suburban Covert Video Surveillance/Tracking

Clients can hear from a private investigator that their lover is unfaithful but people really need to see for themselves. It only takes a moment, but the effects are often immediate and many choose to end the relationship during that moment. However, obtaining the video surveillance proof is very difficult and can take several days if an affair is truly present (and the majority of clients have suspicions confirmed by private investigation work).

It can be very difficult to document the presence of an affair when suspected cheaters live or frequently travel in rural areas. However, what better place to get away from the “normal world” and escape to a secret world out in the country away from people that either cheater is likely to know. A private investigator must often call upon the help of a colleague or two to effectively monitor vehicle travel and movement via foot in rural environments. Two or more vehicles will be required to avoid suspicion and a private investigator knows all too well that cheaters are often already a little paranoid just due to the nature of their activities.

Where possible, a South Florida private investigator will gather information about the presence of a possible affair by analyzing empirical data such as:

Phone records
E-mail, chat room, and the monitoring of all Internet activity
Searching financial records for sudden diversions of assets and holdings

Although the spouse needs to see the video surveillance or photographs to truly internalize and accept the presence of an affair, a private investigator wants to obtain the evidence as quickly as possible. Identifying the other person or even a pattern that suggests the presence of an affair better justifies the costly expense of video surveillance. One-fifth of all female clients and nearly half of the male clients are incorrect about their suspicions of infidelity. It is the job of a competent and professional South Florida private investigator to determine whether or not a spouse is cheating as quickly as possible to both save expense and put the client at ease with the bad—or good news.


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