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Private Investigations—Not Just For Cheaters Anymore!!

One of the common misperceptions about the use of private investigations in Florida and elsewhere is that private detective work mostly involves work like that seen on a popular television show where cheating couples are caught with video surveillance and then exposed. While infidelity private investigations are indeed a significant portion of the workload, there are a lot of varied investigation types that require specialized skills and training to perform properly and within all legal parameters. Some of the other types of private investigations include:

Liability private investigations
Corporate private investigations
Custody investigations
Insurance fraud investigations
Work. Comp. Fraud Investigations

Liability investigations are common in lawsuits and typically involve some sort of injury claim stemming from an auto accident. Sustained covert surveillance and monitoring is necessary in order to accurately document and secure evidence for litigation purposes. A coordinated effort involving several investigators is often required to properly document fraud to meet the varying legal standards in each state. This is why private investigations in Florida are conducted by experienced and licensed professionals who know the legal parameters of video surveillance and investigatory techniques.

Corporate private investigations must be conducted by very experienced and skilled detectives. A wide array of highly technical and precise analysis and information gathering is required to fully conclude a private investigation for many corporate clients. This is because a corporate investigation often involves the illegal transmission of sensitive information such as design specs, internal memos, reports, or even client lists. E-mail tracing and the monitoring of Internet activity are standard tools when private investigations involve corporate clients trying to investigate potential fraud, theft, or improper conduct on the part of some of its members.

Custody private investigations are very serious matters in which all information gathering must be undertaken with the understanding that it will most likely be used in future court appearances. Private investigations involving custody proceedings can be more expensive because they tend to be lengthy, involve multiple private detectives, and must be documented thoroughly. There is also the added expense of paying the private investigator to appear in court and provide testimony and analysis of their findings.

Private investigations are also carried out where fraud is suspected by an insurance company. Many private investigations in Florida are carried out in cases of suspected fraud involving insurance claims—mostly personal injury and Work. Comp. claims. If an insurance company suspects that a claim may be fraudulent, they will have a private investigation company monitor the insured for evidence that proves the suspected fraud. A private investigation of this nature will also likely involve video surveillance, auto tracking, e-mail monitoring, and a lot of legwork to get the necessary evidence to both disprove the claim and proceed with criminal charges.

Private investigations in Florida and beyond are varied and require specific skills and training to perform competently. Private investigators in Florida and over forty other states must be licensed and meet pre-determined requirements in order to legally perform the duties of a private detective. A prior background in the military, criminal justice, or the police is common for most private detectives.



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