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In Miami, Florida—Private Investigation Companies Service Insatiable Appetite!

In Miami, Florida private investigation is big business. However, there are many people who have the perception that private investigators are these lone wolf characters who shadow cheating lovers in some beaten-down jalopy. Far from the cliché, private investigation companies in Florida and elsewhere are staffed with fully licensed investigators who typically have a background in the military or civilian police force. Also, while surveillance and documentation of infidelity is a very popular service in Miami, Florida, private investigation also provide a number of information gathering functions for a wide range of clients, including:

Background checks for employment or other legally sanctioned reasons
E-mail tracing/monitoring for corporate clients investigating suspect employees and possible illegal activities
Asset searches
Insurance Fraud
Worker’s Compensation Investigations

A private investigation agency is a very good choice when it comes to performing background checks because clients get the satisfaction of knowing that licensed professionals are using all legal means to determine the true identity of an individual. Companies need to know that they can trust a potential employee with sensitive information and company assets. A private investigation company can conduct a thorough search of a prospective employee’s history—financial, professional, and educational—and provide the detailed information an employer needs to make an informed hiring decision. The cost of making a mistake is why so thousands of businesses in the greater Miami, Florida area use private investigation companies to conduct legal but thorough background checks.

Another big service being performed by private investigation companies and independent investigators is E-mail tracing and E-mail monitoring. The simple fact is that employees can easily send sensitive and potentially damaging information via e-mail to undesirable sources. A private investigation company has the necessary experience and high tech software to perform covert e-mail traces and monitor employee electronic correspondence. Companies hire private investigation companies to perform these services legally and gather the evidence necessary to take action against employees that break company protocol and compromise sensitive information.

Insurance fraud is a very popular service that private investigation companies provide in a professional and competent manner. A private detective often must employ covert video surveillance of suspects in order to gather the necessary evidence to deny a claim and move forward with criminal prosecution. It is often necessary for several private investigators to collaborate in video surveillance operations in order to avoid detection. Several vehicles are needed for mobile monitoring and it can sometimes take days before the necessary evidence is gathered to disprove a claim.

Telephone research, asset searches, infidelity investigations—the list of services that a licensed and professionally-staffed private investigation company provides for private people and corporations go on and on—the need for objective information is insatiable in this “Information Age”. For anyone in need of professional information-gathering services in Miami, Florida, private investigation agencies are staffed with licensed investigators that can obtain the facts in fast and cost-effective manner.


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