Miami Florida Private Detective

Why Any Miami Florida Private Detective MUST BE Highly Skilled

One thing that any professional Miami Florida private detective knows for sure is that there is no lack of work in the area. While it may seem cliché, a large part of any private detective agency revenue is earned through conducting infidelity investigations. There are a lot of beautiful people in Miami, Florida and private detectives know all too well that the temptation to wander is very strong in humans—both men and women. In nearly 80 percent of the cases when a woman comes seeking the services of a private investigator or agency when suspecting cheating—their suspicions are justified!

Men, however, do not seem to have radar that is as accurate as their female counterparts. However, they too are justified in their suspicions over 50% of the time when they finally come to a private detective for final verification. In all honesty, no matter who the client or what their sex, no private detective really wants to follow some person around and document their indiscretions. However, a professional investigator will conduct discreet surveillance using a variety of methods, including:

  • Covert Video Surveillance
  • Obtaining and auditing telephone records
  • Asset tracking
  • E-mail Monitoring
  • Mobile Video Surveillance
  • Inside/Outside Video Surveillance

It is critical to hire the services of a professional and licensed private detective because catching a cheating spouse is a very delicate manner. Discretion and use of established surveillance and information gathering techniques and resources is required. Laws govern the procedures and tactics available to private investigators. In many cases, private detectives are hired to obtain evidence that may become critical in future custody hearings or support cases. Gathering this information yourself not only would be an extreme emotional drain and challenge, it could jeopardize your chances of prevailing in future litigation.

A professionally licensed Miami Florida private detective can document the cheating in a discreet, professional manner so that you are not “cheated” when a court date rolls around. A big reason why people should not undertake an investigation themselves is because cheaters are often very alert of their surroundings. The reason for this apparent “paranoia” is quite logical: people doing things they know they shouldn’t will naturally be scared of being caught or exposed. Spouses do not have access to alternate vehicles nor the additional resources it takes to conduct the discreet video surveillance necessary to catch a cheating spouse in the act.

Finally, there are a number of communication venues available to the cheating spouse that were otherwise unavailable just a few years back, including:

  • Text messages
  • E-mail
  • Video Messages
  • "Blackberry Cheating"

Most Miami Florida private detective professionals have a background in either the military, police, or even both. A private detective has the tools, experience, and knowledge necessary to discreetly obtain the evidence you need to get out of a relationship with a cheating spouse. Just be aware that most private detective agencies and independents charge an hourly rate. In many cases, mobile video surveillance requires the collaboration of several private investigators and the costs rise depending on the amount of documentation and follow-up that is required by each case.

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