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What Tactics Might A “James Bond” Florida Private Investigator Use?

Well, perhaps comparing the life of James Bond to the typical professional Florida Private Investigator might be a tad extreme. By comparison, the day of a typical private detective is steeped in the analysis and accumulation of information in pursuit of the truth as part of a wide range of services, including:

  • Pre-employment or contractually required background checks
  • Employee monitoring
  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • Determination of fraud in suspect Worker Comp. claims
  • Asset searches to determine whether funds are being improperly diverted
  • Video Surveillance for court documentation purposes in a large number of litigation proceedings
  • Investigation and documentation of suspected infidelity

Now, there are some ways in which a typically licensed private investigator is similar to James Bond—the cool gadgets!! Where photo and video surveillance equipment is concerned, most private detectives are experts! A private investigator typically needs a camera to establish documentation in many investigations. Video surveillance is often preferred as it has a time stamp and provides a more accurate picture of what is actually being recorded. Private investigators are often required to testify in court as to their findings. While this additional service adds cost, the live testimony of a professionally trained and licensed Florida private investigator does add weight to court proceedings and is often required.

In order to properly document fraud, infidelity, or whatever the private investigator was hired to research—the high-tech hidden cameras become necessary. Cheating couples often meet in public places not common to either in order to avoid running into people from their normal social circles and thus risk exposure. A private investigator often tracks a cheating couple to a restaurant, bar, or club. In order to obtain the documentation necessary to complete an investigation for a client, a hidden camera must sometimes be used during remote surveillance operations.

Another similarity that any seasoned Florida private investigator has with the world’s most famous spy is the need to track surveillance targets. Typically, when people are doing things that they know they really shouldn’t, they will be more alert and suspicious of people and their surroundings. Mobile surveillance is often required in many types of investigations. Therefore, as the target may already be a little paranoid, it is often necessary to employ the services of multiple private investigators and surveillance resources in order to avoid detection.

Being a Florida private investigator is no hobby or weekend job. The services of any professionally licensed private investigator require specialized experience, training, and education. Common backgrounds for people who tend to make great private investigators include:

  • Military, especially those with MP or reconnaissance experience or training
  • Police—retired detectives often leave the force when they reach pension and apply for a private investigator license (required in 42 states) and either join an agency or start their own
  • Criminal Justice
  • Bail bond

Although no private investigator has a license to kill and few have cars anywhere near as nice as those driven by the great James Bond, there are quite a few similarities between the two. However, a Florida private investigator is a trained professional that requires dedication and skills that even the worlds most famous spy cannot claim to possess!

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