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Is A Florida Detective Agency Best Source For Infidelity Investigation?

In any state, including Florida, a detective agency is probably the place you want to turn to when trying to verify the existence of an affair. Infidelity is a very sensitive and painful issue for anyone and the thought of going to some “agency” where they might be treated as some customer and told to take a number…well, nobody wants that. However, in a licensed and professionally staffed Florida detective agency, all private investigators are fully trained and experienced to handle a delicate and very private matter like infidelity.

A detective agency is actually better-equipped and often staffed with more competent professionals than many independent operators. However, while there are independent private detectives who outsource when additional resource requirements arise and get the job done in a competent and professional manner, the vast majority of infidelity investigations require more than one agent for periods of time. Obtaining the proper video surveillance to prove or disprove the suspicions of a spouse requires discretion and in most cases the additional resources that only a detective agency can provide. A wide range of high tech and modern surveillance equipment is required to fully investigate allegations of infidelity, including:

  • Video surveillance equipment that can be used in a host of environments with specialized close-up capabilities
  • Hidden video surveillance cameras and digital reception equipment
  • Computer/Internet Monitoring equipment and software including the ability create and monitor e-mail traces and capture keystroke activity
  • Conduct thorough asset searches
  • Gather phone/text message records

Clients will need to sign documentation permitting the Florida detective agency to collect and analyze certain information. You need to carefully review the privacy policy of the detective agency so you know how your information is protected and what is done with it at the conclusion of the investigation. Do not sign anything or initiate any investigation until you know how your valuable information will be protected. Infidelity investigations need to be conducted with discretion by competent, highly skilled, and licensed private detectives.

Costs of marital infidelity investigations can vary greatly and you will need to ask the Florida detective agency about their pricing policy. In general, you can expect to pay a higher hourly rate for any video surveillance collected outside the home and for tracking expenses. As stated earlier, more resources are required to ensure the video surveillance is discrete and the detectives remain unnoticed by the cheater.

It is a good idea to first obtain an estimate and then set a maximum amount you are willing to pay before the detective agency must contact you with their results. In most cases, the Florida detective agency will have a minimum “bench rate” to initiate a marital infidelity investigation and will provide a detailed analysis of their results for this minimum fee. If you intend to use any potential evidence of infidelity in future court proceedings, be sure to inform the Florida detective agency because evidence for litigation needs to be more thorough and thus takes more time to collect. In addition, inquire into what the detective agency charges for private investigators to testify about the evidence they acquired during the marital infidelity investigation.

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